New Website

The KTH PhD Chapter has prepared for a new academic year by re-vamping our website with a fresh 2014 look! Take a look around; you will find new information about the new, improved site organization, and an overall better online experience.

We also create a video guide to the individual study plan (ISP), to give clarity to new (and old) PhD students.

Summer Chapter meeting

The Chapter congratulates the newly elected board of fiscal year 2014/2015


Erik Widman

Vice chairperson

Veluska Arias

Master of ceremonies

Omar Shafqat


Angélica V. Gonzáles Arcos

Board Members

  • Anders Nilsson
  • Anna Svensson
  • Arash Safavi Nick
  • Johan Gärdebo
  • Mariana Dalarsson
  • Monika Topel
  • Neda Mazinanian
  • Petter Johansson

The protocol from the meeting can be found here: 2014-06-05 Regular Chapter Meeting protocol, pending approval