SFS survey about PhD education Evaluation

In the spring of 2015 the Swedish Higher Education Authority will begin conducting an evaluation on the quality of the Swedish research education. The evaluation is performed to certify that PhD students reach expected goals, that their educational environment is adequate, and to review the quality assurance effort across Swedish universities. The Doctoral Students’ Committee of the Swedish National Union of Students (SFS-DK) represent the PhD students in Sweden, and would like your opinion on how this evaluation is to be performed.

Please fill out the form regarding the upcoming evaluation and take the time to answer the questions thoroughly - the more information we have, the better the basis for our future work in this matter. Thank you for your time, and thank you in advance for your participation!

Winter Chapter Meeting

All PhD Chapter members at KTH are invited to our Christmas Party & Chapter Meeting Friday Dec. 12, 17.00. 

IMPORTANT: In order to attend the dinner please sign up on the google form. The deadline is 11th of December. Do not forget to bring your THS cards. Members can bring one personal guest as per our alcohol law.

Winter Chapter Meeting Information

Motions from members

Motion 1: Alternate proposal to Amendment of Statues §13.

Pedagogical Mingle: A Conversation Starter for PhD Students

Representatives from almost every school participated in the the Pedagogical Mingle on the 25th of November. On the agenda was the KTH Pedagogical Program that is currently being drafted. The program is important because:

- PhD students are at times both student and staff, learner and teacher

- Education and teaching is currently not systematized, so PhD students have challenges overlooking courses available and plans for combining pedagogical training with teaching positions

- KTH still have to develop a plan for pedagogy and education on a level with its research plan  

As a PhD student you are encouraged to read, reflect and comment on the current draft of the pedagogical program before 15th of December. Please send your comments to the PhD Chapter before the 15 of December. Use the feedback form. Imformation about the pedagogical program can be found here.

Apart from discussing how pedagogy relates to our work as PhD students, there was time also for outlining how School councils could collaborate more as well as plan future projects together. If this sounds interesting, please contact the PhD Chapter.

Reflecting Between Careers in Academia and Industry

Are you a Master student approaching the end of your 5-year academic journey? Are you looking for a job in industry, or are you considering pursuing a PhD? In the new PhD chronicle in Osqledaren PhD Chapter Chairman Erik Widman reflects on his experience in both industry and academia and makes the case why you should pursue a PhD. 

If you are a PhD student and interested in writing an article for Osqledaren about PhD education please contact Martin Barksten.



Welcome to Pedagogical Policy-­Mingle

You are invited to the pedagogy program-mingle held for PhD students in the venues of the ECE-school. The Pedagogical Program influences PhD students both in their role as students and teachers. We invite you as PhD students in drafting this important document, as well as meeting and planning for future collaborations as a PhD Chapter.

As part of this, THS Central and the THS PhD Chapter will provide updates on-going projects and up-coming events.

This mingle is also the chance to meet representatives from all schools of KTH, make connections and plan for joint efforts to improve the conditions for PhD students at KTH. You are invited to send any number of representatives to the pedagogy program-mingle. Please confirm attendance in order to get lunch sandwiches and refreshments.

Date: 25th of November

Time: 10.30-12.30

Place:  Salongen, KTHB

RSVP: 21st of November (gardebo@kth.se)


KTH PhDs: Commercialize you Research!

 Do you need a mentor to commercialize you research? If so, contact the mentor 4 research program at IVA. The idea of Mentor4Research is to:

  • help ensure that more research results are faster commercialised in Sweden
  • be a natural part of the participating universities’ offering to researchers
  • support the personal development of the researchers and make researchers more attractive

Applications are now open to Mentor4Research 2015, the tenth year of this appreciated programme. This round is open for researchers at Chalmers, KI, KTH, Linköping University, SLU, Stockholm University and Uppsala University.

Welcome to apply latest October 31st, 2014!


KTH & Lund Agree on Importance of High Expectations

Following last weeks article in Campi, KTH PhD Chapter Chairman Erik Widman and Lund University PhD Chairman Jan Nylund co-authored an article for Svenska Dagbladet about how high expectations can improve education quality at Swedish universities in an effort to include higher education in the recent national debate about education quality in Sweden.

The article emphasizes that high expectations, in addition to strong funding and excellent resources, is necessary to achieve world class results in both university education and research. The article also calls for cultural change regarding our attitudes to education, stating that we must focus on long-term constructive solutions and accountability rather than blaming political parties or lack of resources for poor educational results. 

How do you think Swedish universities can improve education quality? What is necessary to take Swedish education to the next level? How can you contribute to make your university better? We encourage you to share the article and discuss it with your peers and professors.