New Board Elected

A new board was elected at the chapter meeting on June 5th and will they assume their elected roles July 1st. Congratulations to the new board members and good luck in 2015-2016!

Chairperson - Johan Gärdebo

Vice Chairperson - Monika Topel

Board Members

Arash Safari Nick

Abbos Ismoilov

 Didem Gurdur

 Aziza Al Ghatti

 Maria Xylia

Omar Shafqat

Summer Chapter Meeting & BBQ

The PhD Chapter's annual meeting followed by our classic BBQ cook out is going to be held on June 5th at T-centralen. Come and help elect the new board and presidium followed by some delicious food and ice cold beer. You must sign up in our google docs so we know how much food we need to buy. You can also join our Facebook Event!


Date: Friday June 5th

Place: T-Centralen

Time:     5PM followed by BBQ cookout

Cost: 40 SEK Members, 60 SEK non-members

Register for the event. 

Chapter Meeting

We are still looking for more members to join the 2015-2016 board. Specifically, we would like somebody to arrange 2 sport events or activities (one in the fall and spring) and a person to help our arrange next year's career event. We also need people to help arrange the pubs next year. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested. 


2015-2016 Board Candidates

Chairperson - Johan Gärdebo

Vice Chairperson - Monika Topel

Board Members

Anna Svensson

Arash Safari Nick

Abbos Ismoilov

 Didem Gurdur

 Aziza Al Ghatti

 Maria Xylia

Revised PhD Salary Ladder

Step 1 is raised from 26,400 SEK/month to 27,400 SEK/month

Step 2 is raised from 27,400 SEK/month to 28,100 SEK/month

Step 3 is raised from 29,400 SEK/month to 30,000 SEK/month

Step 4 is raised from 31,400 SEK/month to 32,000 SEK/month

The new salary goes into effect in May and is retroactive since October, 2014. 

What is written in the ISP governs if a PhD candidate advances up the salary ladder. See more information about ISP in the menu to the left.


Diversity at KTH

Board member Anna Svensson was written an article for Osqledaren where she discusses the importance of diversity at KTH and compares it to her own field of research: botanical history with an emphasis on the 17th century. The article is in Swedish, but it provides an interesting perspective on diversity at KTH. 


Clarification Regarding Income during Unemployment

The PhD Chapter has received many emails in regard to the new  income during unemployment rules for PhD candidates. Therefore, we have attempted to clarify the rules and post them as a permanent feature on our website in the information section. 

There are two sources of income during unemployment:

1) Unemployment reimbursement (arbetslöshetsersättningen) – up to 80% of your income with a maximum limit of 18 700 SEK per month (if you are a member of AEA and have been a member for at least 12 months). The unemployment reimbursement is represented as orange and blue in the bar chart. You are entitled to 300 days of unemployment reimbursement.

2) Unemployment insurance or “omställningsavtalet”     (inkomstutfyllnaden) – You can receive up to 80% of you old salary if you are a PhD candidate employed by the state (scholarship PhD candidates are not employed by the state). The unemployment insurance pays the difference between 80% of your maximum salary and the 18 700 SEK maximum limit from the unemployment reimbursement. The unemployment insurance is represented in red in the bar chart. The new rules no longer consider PhD candidates permanent employees, which entitles PhD candidates to 44 days of unemployment insurance. After 44 days you will only receive the unemployment reimbursement (680 SEK per day or 320 SEK per day).

The sources of income during unemployment are graphically illustrated in the bar chart below. 

Requirements to receive full benefits during unemployment

•If you have not been a member of a-kassan for at least 12-months you will receive a basic compensation (320 SEK/day) and “omställningsavtalet” reimburses the 80% of your salary as if you would have received 680 SEK/day. “Omställningsavtalet” does not cover the money lost between 680 and 320 SEK/Day.

•If you receive full reimbursement from a-kassan (680 SEK/day) the “omställningsavtal” will pay the remainder balance so you receive 80% of your previous salary.

•If you have been employed for 3 years you are entitled to 44 days unemployment insurance through “omställningsavtalet”.

•To receive unemployment insurance you must also receive unemployment reimbursement from a-kassan.

Links to Additional Information


Sveriges Ingenjörer



Fun in the (indoor) Sun

The PhD chapter dipped our collective feet in the sand last Saturday as we hosted our first volleyball event! The florescent sun was shining and the indoor weather was perfect. What more could you ask for on a late-March-day in Sweden? We hope you can join us for some fun at our next event! 

Join the 2015-2016 PhD Chapter Board

Are you interested in improving education and research quality in the PhD programs at KTH? Do you want to make a positive impact on the university? Do you want to fight for PhD candidate rights? Maybe you want to help organize more events for PhD candidates on and off campus? Then you should join the PhD chapter board! We are taking applications for the 2015-2016 board and we would love to hear from you! Please email us your:

1) Name

2) Contact information (email and phone)

3) School and department information

4) Short summary of why you would like to join the board.

5) Any previous experience with PhD representation work (i.e. PAD representative, local school PhD board member, etc.). 

Not only is working on the board rewarding, it is also a lot of fun. Applications must be submitted by May 1, 2015. We hope to hear from you soon!

THS Student Union Council Elections

The nominations for next years THS Student Union Council are now open.  This is you chance to be part of the THS core, influence the organization, and represent the PhD student body at KTH. The PhD chapter has 5 allocated seats (and 5 reserves) in the council. If you are interested, please email Omar Shafqat the following information:

  1. First and last name
  2. Personal identity number (personnummer)
  3. KTH e-mail address
  4. Presentation of yourself and why you want to be a KF member, 100 words maximum (will be made public during the election)
  5. Optional: Picture of yourself (will be made public during the election)

More information can be found here.

Beach Volleyball Event

The PhD Chapter is arranging a beach volleyball event on Saturday March 28th from 1-3PM with 60% discount for PhD students who are THS members! Limited places are available (32 people). 

If you are interested in joining us, please register via the following link before 15 March 2015!!

Your registration will only be confirmed if you have made the payment. The registration is binding. 

Please sign up here and pay 100 Kr to the PG account 71 60 82-3. DONT FORGET TO PUT YOUR NAME IN THE OCR/MESSAGE FIELD WHEN YOU MAKE THE PAYMENT.

The event is for THS Members of the Chapter (i.e. the ones who have paid the student union fee) Please bring along your THS Card with you or show it on the Mecenat app.

The event will be held at The beach in Södertälje. 

You are not allowed to bring any food stuff there but food can be purchased there.

You only need sport clothes. No shoes is required.